Experts in Facial Feminization Surgery (FFS)

We are an experienced feminization team made of maxillofacial and plastic surgeons, highly qualified in feminization, led by Dr Macía.

Daniela Santiago, cirugía de frontoplastia por Dr. Macía

Helping you to pass with Facial Feminization Surgery

Transwomen patients from Spain and Europe come to Facifem to feminize their face and neck. Dr. Macía performs an analysis of the three-thirds of the face during the first consultation. We first listen to the expectations of our patients and explain to them possible treatments and medical-surgical alternatives in three-thirds of the face. The objective is to achieve a harmonious, natural, feminine face with soft lines.

Equipo de Facifem


Doctor Macía always operates in an accredited hospital with all the necessary equipment and innovations to guarantee the safety of our patients.

The-state-of-the-art technology

The team of Dr Macía uses the latest technology in all his surgeries, such as Ultrasonic bone surgery:

  • Ultrasonic rhinoplasty
  • Ultrasonic foreheadplasty
  • Ultrasonic mandibular sculpture: Anguloplasty and ultrasonic mentoplasty

Natural appearing results

Dr. Macía’s aim is to always achieve natural appearing results and within realistic parameters. We listen to the needs and concerns of the patients to achieve the goals. Feminization surgery tries to bring out the best in you as a priority.

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Kind testimonials from previous facial feminization patients

Why a facial feminization surgery with us?

Each and every one of us try to make your experience as positive as possible. Our FFS team is our main strength. These are other advantages of our FFS services:

  • Use of innovative and least invasive techniques, such as ultrasonic frontoplasty and rhinoplasty in your facial feminization.
  • Operations in Madrid, Hospital de la Moncloa, the only one in the Madrid Region that has been awarded with the Q of Tourism quality in the health sector, according to the ICTE 01 standard of the Spanish Tourist Quality Institute.
  • Competitive prices and adapted to real needs of our transwomen patients. Consult us about our FFS cost
  • Multidisciplinary team

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