Experts in facial feminization surgery

From the moment you arrive for your facial feminization surgery to Madrid, we want you to feel at home and make your recovery as quick as possible. You will always be surrounded by a team of expert surgeons, nurses, and patient care, who will take care of you during your stay and after.

FFS procedure by Dr. Macía

Mission: responsible for your change to a new life

Help transgender people to have their face in harmony with their soul, to have their body connected to how they truly feel. We want to help trans women feel comfortable and accepted not only by themselves but also by the society, with improving their self-esteem.


Doctor-patient relationship: It is the cornerstone of medical practice and consists of the ability, skill and art of the doctor to interact and have a conversation with his patient, in order to obtain the information, physical examination and consent which has a great importance in the therapeutic success. It is based on:

  • Empathy: We care about what you feel and we listen to you carefully. This quality is not only applied by us as surgeons but also us as individuals who understand the philosophy of transgender people.
  • Information: During the first consultation, Dr Macía listens to his patient’s biggest worries, in order to focus on making a maximum effort in achieving the patient’s objectives. It is very important that the information and explanations the patient receives are well understood and above all, realistic. You will also receive information on possible alternatives to the treatment or some other complementary options.
  • Honesty: Dr Macía will recommend the most appropriate solution for your case. In surgery, we tend to be conservative in trying to achieve natural appearing results.
    Safety: the health of our patients comes first for us; we are a team of true professionals.

Quality: We strive for excellence in every medical or surgical procedure.

Passion: We love what we do and we show it every day.


As the leaders for transgender facial feminization surgery in Madrid, we also want to be the benchmark for transgender patients from all over Europe. We want to apply less invasive technologies to reduce the postoperative effects on our patients.

We want our professional team to feel inspired and carry out their work with excellence, professionalism, commitment and confidence.

We want to offer what our patients demand, always within the framework of quality, safety and integrity.

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