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We have prepared a series of informations to explain what your process of facial feminization will consist of. Before undergoing surgery of this type, you must plan ahead (especially if you are coming from abroad) and know what will happen after the first few days. You will need some time to recover before returning to your daily activities. Before undergoing FFS, every patient should prepare themselves emotionally and mentally for the operation. 

In general, FFS surgeons recommend patients to perform the feminization of the whole face in the same intervention to harmonize all the elements at the same time: forehead, nose, jaw and chin. A combined procedure avoids multiple interventions that required multiple recovery processes. The fact of leaving an area without intervening is really because it does not need to be modified, or because the patient prefers to wait at another time.

Before surgery, read the frequently asked questions about FFS

Will my face change completely after surgery? Is hairline advancement better than a hair transplant? Will my face hurt after the surgery? We have collected these and other frequently asked questions about facial feminization surgery here.

Planning your facial feminization surgery

It is important that you plan your trip to Madrid for the facial feminization operation, that is why we have created this list of items that will make your stay more bearable. If you must stay overnight in the hospital for a combined surgery it is important that you bring ample clothes and pijamas. After the surgery you will wear certain bandages, so we recommend that you bring clothes with wide collars (not tight), better jackets with zippers. Comfort is key in the first days. See other recommendations for planning your surgery.

Recovery after the FFS

The recovery time varies according to the procedures performed. There are interventions that can be performed under local anesthesia and deep sedation: They do not require clinical admission, they are ambulatory and the patient must be accompanied. However, for combined interventions or where bone must be remodeled, the patient will remain overnight in the hospital (or even in exceptional cases more than one night) after the operation. Know all the care you should perform after your feminization surgery.

Recommendations for the postoperative period

The postoperative surgery of facial feminization is not painful, but it is uncomfortable because the face is the most visible part of the human body. Although the perception of pain is subjective, in general, our patients comment that pain levels are low after surgery. In fact, majority of our patients do not need to use any type of medication to relieve the pain. In most cases, you will have swelling and bruising on the face and neck. With the proper care and medication, the FFS post-op is easily bearable. With the application of cold masks during the immediate postoperative period, the effects of inflammation are greatly reduced.

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