Middle facial feminization surgery

In the middle face, rhinoplasty is the biggest challenge. Surgeon must ensure that nose retains aesthetic harmony with all other existing or newly feminized facial features.

Middle face procedures in facial feminization surgery

In the middle facial third, facial feminization includes following procedures:

  1. Ultrasonic feminization rhinoplasty: The feminization of the nose includes narrowing the nose, reducing the nasal dorsum and lifting the tip of the nose to give it a more feminine appearance. In order to achieve feminization, we focus our attention on narrowing and lifting the tip. With this type of surgery, all kinds of nasal deformities can be corrected, such as deviation or nasal asymmetry as well as nasal respiratory failure. The most important is always focusing on the functionality of the nose.
  2. Blepharoplasty: with upper and lower blepharoplasty, we eliminate the skin excess of the upper and lower eyelid pockets to rejuvenate the look. To feminize the look, we pay special attention on elevating the eyebrows and the eyebrow tail.
  3. Canthoplasty: The blepharoplasty with canthoplasty is used to elevate the outer corner of the eyelid to a height that you originally had before. The goal is to have a more almond shaped eye and avoid a fatigue look and tiredness. In short, it improves the appearance of our eyes.
  4. Cheek augmentation: There are different ways of increasing cheek fullness, but in Facifem, we use lipofilling to provide a more feminine face aspect. Unlike cheek fat grafting, lipofilling includes injecting fat from your own body. This less invasive technique is used to contour the shape and provide a more youthful and feminine face with lasting and natural appearing results.
  5. Ear reduction: Female ears are usually smaller than male ears. Otoplasty for feminization of the ears includes the reduction of the ears size. We can also treat the detached or protruding ears with this surgery. The incisions are made behind the ear so that the scars are not visible.
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