Hairline lowering surgery: forehead reduction

The hairline in males tends to be higher on the face and imparts the forehead with a “M” shape. The hairline in females tends to be lower on the face and imparts the forehead with a semicircular shape.

Forehead reduction surgery in facial feminization

The hairline lowering surgery is a straightforward procedure. An incision is made along the hairline and skin section is removed from the forehead. The facial feminization surgeon pulls down the scalp to its new position and stapled to the rest of the forehead.

Additionally, we perform a brow lift to elevate the eyebrows to a higher position. Often done in conjunction with forehead recontouring and/or nose rhinoplasty.

Differences between the men and women hairline

The male hairline has an M shape which means that it usually has receding hairlines at your temples on both sides and the central part is curved forward. This M shape does not usually exist in women. They normally have an oval shape hairline.

What does the feminization hairline lowering surgery include?

This feminization procedure includes making the hairline more oval without lateral receding.

It is a surgery for scalp advancement or hairline lowering. For this, two surgical techniques are required:

  • Surgery of the capillary line: It involves moving the hairline to a lower position. It is usually performed during the brow lift. There is a limitation in this technique to advance this line so it is usually combined with the following.
  • Hair Transplant: in Facifem, we perform this using the FUE technique. That is, the hair-to-hair transplant from the nape area without creating any visible scar on the lateral regions of the forehead. It is the ideal technique to perform capillary refill at the receding hairline area. This technique is performed under local anesthesia and slight sedation. Its duration is about 4-7 hours and the final results are obtained after 6 months.

Hairline feminization surgery in combination with other surgeries

FFS surgeon often combine hairline feminization with brow feminization and brow lift surgery. These combined surgeries are performed under general anesthesia, the duration is about 2 hours and the patient remains hospitalized overnight.

The postoperative period of hairline lowering surgery

The postoperative period is the same as for foreheadplasty since it is all treated at the same time: face reshaping or bone filing, eyebrow lifting and temporal fossa filling through lipofilling.

The patient will have a line of stitches around the head from one ear to the other that will be hidden by the hair. The wound and forehead can cause local discomfort that is easily controlled with common analgesics.

Additionally, inflammation and bruising will appear 24 hours after the intervention in the declining areas, such as the eyelids and will be asymmetric. The duration of the inflammation is usually one week and the bruises may last longer but they can be hidden with makeup.

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