Upper facial feminization surgery

In the upper third of the face, facial feminization surgery includes five very common procedures.

Upper face procedures in facial feminization surgery for transwomen

All of them, except for hair implantation, are performed during the same operative act of ultrasonic feminization foreheadplasty.

  • Hairline lowering: men hairline has an M shape. Which means it usually has a receding at your temples on both sides and the central part is curved forward. This M shape does not usually exist in women. They mostly have an oval shape hairline. Therefore, the following treatment is also added.
  • Hair implant at the receding area to convert an “M” hairline shape into a more oval shape.
  • Foreheadplasty: the feminization of the forehead consists of remodeling the frontal bone by shaving the supraorbital arch and all the protuberances of the frontal bone. At the level of the eyebrow, a technique is performed to “uncover” the anterior face of the frontal sinus, remodel it and then place it again once shaved.
  • Brow lift: The feminization of eyebrow lift contributes to a younger and more feminine appearance. The objective is to obtain a higher eyebrow compared to the orbital rim and with a typical female “gull wing” shape. This shape consists of the lateral end being more lifted in comparison to the medial end near the eyebrow. The remodeling of its position and shape is one of the most requested treatments during facial feminization surgery.
  • Feminization of the temples: We perform the feminization of the temporal area or temples by filling them with fat or so called lipofilling, to give greater volume and decrease the projection of the lateral area of the eyebrows.
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