Lower face feminization surgery

The jaw reduction and chin recountouring are the most important procedures in the lower facial feminization surgery

Lower facial feminization surgery FFS

In the lower part of the face, we can perform different facial feminization procedures:

  1. Jaw reduction: The feminization of the jaw involves reducing, lowering or shaving areas of prominent bone of both mandibular angles, done through intraoral incisions, so that no scarring is visible after the procedure. At Facifem, we perform the ultrasonic mandibular anguloplasty through which we polish the bone more precisely.
  2. Chin recountouring – Feminization mentoplasty: Through the feminization mentoplasty we shave the chin through intraoral incisions without leaving external scars on the skin and we manage to refine the chin. We can also retrude or advance the chin in certain cases.
  3. Upper lip lift: Young women usually have a shorter lip on the vertical axis than men, and show the incisal edge of the lower incisors when they speak. Dr Macía performs lifting techniques of the upper lip through a minimal incision under the nasal base, as well as techniques of profiling and temporary labial filling with hyaluronic acid, or permanent with the patient’s own fat so called lipofilling.
  4. Thyroid cartilage reduction or thyroplasty: An Adam’s apple reduction surgery basically consists in reducing and contouring the cartilage to aesthetically appear more feminine. With thyroplasty or shaving the thyroid cartilage (Adam’s apple reduction), we are able to decrease its size. It is done through a minimal horizontal incision in one of the neck creases to hide the scar.
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