Tracheal shave

A protruding Adam’s apple is often stigma for a transgender person. The tracheal shave or Adam’s apple reduction procedure is a very common surgical procedure in FFS.

Tracheal save in facial feminization surgery

Differences between Adam’s Apple in men and women

The male Adam’s apple (thyroid cartilage) is more pronounced that in women, and is one of the biggest gender-related differences between both genders. In men, the thyroid cartilage (colloquially called Adam’s apple) is much more prominent and visible.

Using a surgical procedure known as a tracheal shave or thyroid cartilage reduction, Dr. Macía can significantly reduces Adam’s apple.

Adam’s apple reduction

Adam’s apple reduction surgery consists in reducing and contouring the thyroid cartilage to aesthetically look more feminine.

Through thyroplasty or thyroid cartilage shaving (Adam’s apple shaving), we decrease its size. It involves making a minimal incision at the level of a cervical crease to hide the scar and carefully shave the thyroid cartilage.

When it is done alone, it can be done under local anesthesia and light sedation. It lasts 1 hour and it is in outpatient care (it does not require hospital admission).

Adam’s apple consultation and reduction

Dr Macía will study the volume and prominence of the thyroid cartilage. He will advise you about all the factors that can affect the operation and its results. You must explain your medical history and we will give you guidelines for the intervention. Please express all your doubts during the consultation so that we can give you the best advice.

The intervention is performed under local anesthesia and sedation that will be evaluated by your surgeon and medical staff. It usually lasts for 1 hour. After the intervention, the patient will stay only a few hours in the hospital or clinic, and can go home the same day.

The surgeon makes an incision in the most prominent area of the neck, about 2 or 3 cm long, coinciding with a wrinkle or natural crease of the neck, so that the resulting scar is practically invisible. Then the surgeon proceeds in reducing the cartilage very carefully so that it doesn’t affect the vocal cords.

Postoperative period after Adam’s apple reduction

After the intervention, the patient will experience a local inflammation during one week with some local discomfort. Your surgeon will prescribe appropriate medication to reduce the symptoms as much as possible.

The result is visible immediately, although it will be more noticeable as the inflammation disappears. The final result can be seen one month later.

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