Risks of Facial Feminization Surgery

Feminization surgery is safe surgery where the probability of serious complications is very low. However, like any other surgery it has some risks.

You can find the details of the most frequent facial feminization surgery risks below:

  • Inflammation, local discomfort and bruising: always occur to a greater or lesser extent and depending on the type of surgery. It is important to know that inflammation is going to cause a temporary aspect, that does not conform to the reality of what the final result will be and therefore can make the patient feel uncomfortable during the first postoperative days. Many times, this inflammation is asymmetrical and causes worse appearance than the patient had before surgery.
  • Skin sensitivity with tingling or local paraesthesia: it is something common that can occur in some areas. The patient is always warned that they disappear in almost 100% of the cases but it may take several weeks.
  • Postoperative bleeding: Depending on the type of surgery, the frequency may vary. The most important is to inform the patient well and give him/her the guidelines to follow in case it happens, depending on the amount of bleeding.
  • Local infection: its probability is very low, in less than 1% of cases, normally occurs within a week of the intervention.

The patient will receive an informed consent form from the doctor that must be signed prior to the intervention. This consent details the information of the surgery and all its possible complications. We recommend to read all the facial feminization surgery risks included in the consent.

Dr Macía will explain to his patients each of these consents so that the patient freely accepts the possible risks of the intervention.

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