Your packing list

Because facial feminization surgery requires rest and recovery, we recommend a set of objects, that will make your life easier during post-op period.

Adapter: for patients from the United Kingdom or Ireland, it is important that you include your adapter for EU plugs.

Personal items: photos of relatives, friends, etc., that can help you stay connected with your loved ones even from the distance.

Entertainment: the first days after surgery are all about rest. That’s why you should bring some personal objects such as your laptop, books, music, magazines, etc. to spend your time relaxing.

Casual, comfortable clothes and pijamas: since you will wear certain bandages after surgery, we recommend that you bring clothes with wide collars (not tight) and some jackets with zippers. Comfort is fundamental in the first days.

Corrective makeup: bruises are frequent in the first week. We recommend that you bring some corrective makeup to cover your blue spots if you do not want to attract too much attention.

Scarf: a scarf is very useful to cover your face and make you feel more comfortable if you would like to go for a walk round the block or go to the nearby park, and also when you have to return home.

Sunglasses: will help you hide puffy or bruised eyes.

Your glasses: you will not be able to use your contact lenses for some time after forehead and eyes surgery. Your glasses are essential in those cases.

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