Facifem always tries to achieve the complete satisfaction of all our patients.

Prior to any surgical act, the information, discussion of possible alternatives to a treatment, open communication between the doctor and the patient, are cornerstones to ensure that our patients are satisfied and happy with the result.

During your first consultation, Dr Macía analyzes two important aspects of his patients:

  • Expectations of the patient: What is expected from the surgery. Assessment of whether the patient’s objectives can be met or not.
  • Level of patient’s demand: It is very important to know the degree of perfection that the patient is looking for. Sometimes, it is advisable not to perform surgery because the patient is looking for changes that the surgery cannot provide, which could lead to the patient’s dissatisfaction.

Surgery is not an exact science, and each patient recovery and progress is different. The healing process always affects the results. We always explain patients that complete perfection after facial feminization surgery is rare.

The good patient candidate for feminization surgery is the one that seeks to improve the appearance making it more feminine. A patient who is not willing to accept small imperfections should not undergo facial feminization surgery.

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