FFS surgeon goals

Before undergoing facial feminization surgery, it is important that each patient understands the philosophy and values of their surgeon.

Dr. Macía and his facial feminization team during a procedure

The FFS surgeon’s goals and recommendations must always match up to the patient’s expectations. Dr Macía Colón has set the following goals and objectives for all patients:

  • Honesty and empathy with the patient. Explain well the treatment with real perspectives and try to understand better the patient putting himself in his/her place.
  • Focus on achieving the natural appearing results, avoiding the overdone, operated look.
  • Fully understand the aesthetic concerns of patients, budget constraints and the time commitment for recovery.
  • Educate patients about their options to allow the development of a personalized treatment plan.
  • Use the most advanced techniques, but already proven, to achieve these objectives with emphasis on providing the long-lasting results.
  • Maintain open communication and the highest care level in all stages of the treatment. All our patients will have a phone number or WhatsApp after the intervention to communicate with the team at all times.

The decision to undergo facial feminization surgery should not be taken lightly. Our face plays a vital role in how we project ourselves to the world and as such, our outward appearance can sometimes be disconnected with how we feel inside.

Facial feminization plastic surgery is not meant to change who you are, but it should restore, define and improve your natural features allowing you to see yourself beautiful inside and out.

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