Hospital for your FFS

Doctor Macía performs all facial feminization surgeries at the Moncloa HLA University Hospital in Madrid (Spain).

Facial Feminization in Madrid, Hospital de la Moncloa

The hospital has a total area of 28,000 sqm2 with a total of 234 rooms (12 suites) and a surgical unit with 12 general and 2 ophthalmological operating theaters, as well as a modern ICU with 13 boxes and a complete outpatient clinic, making it a healthcare centre of reference in Madrid.

The operating theaters  include the most advanced technology required in facial feminization surgery:

  • Consoles and engines with specific instruments for Craniofacial Surgery. KLS Martin (Germany) and also OsteoMed Corporation (USA).
  • Ultrasonic Surgery Motors with the complete instrument kit by Urquimed.
  • Surgical instruments for all types of interventions.
  • A complete anesthesiology team led by Dr. Gracia.
  • Operating room staff: Dr. Macía has 2 medical surgeon assistants, a scrub nurse, an anesthesiologist and 1 or 2 operating room assistants.
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